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Erick Larson
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Have you considered your inter-dialog? How do you talk to yourself? Are you mostly positive or mostly negative. Are you hard on yourself or do you give yourself grace? Listen closely....

This weekend we had a Kids Night Out with tons of kids having a great time. While running the event I observed and interacted with a student who at times would act a little out of line, and when corrected was extremely hard on himself.

When having his behavior corrected, he instantly would revert to a genuine, I am always in trouble , and I can't do the right thing and would get very emotionally distraught over this.

It broke my heart, and I explained, that I thought he was actually a very interesting, intelligent, and likable person.

I went on to say, I didn't think he made that many mistakes, and that in fact, mistakes can lead us to knowledge if we use it the make a change. Mistakes can get us closer to where we want to be if we learn from our mistakes.

It reminded me, we all should give ourselves grace. We all know we should speak kindly to others with courtesy and respect, but it is equally important we speak this way to ourselves.

Observe your inner-dialog without judgement.

Notice the tone.

Begin to incorporate encouraging words, positive affirmations, and give yourself some grace. Remove all negativity.

Paint a colorful masterpiece for your life, full of love, forgiveness, grace, and positivity.

You only HAVE to live with one person for the rest of YOUR life, make sure you like them. (It's you🫵)

Marcus Davis


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