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Jeremy Wallace
Official Instructor at Pinnacle Martial Arts🏔️ Instructor
🥋BJJ Black Belt

Exciting news, PMABJJ Family! 🥋🎉

We are thrilled to unveil our brand-new team banner! Look for it at the upcoming tournaments and let it remind you of the strength, unity, and dedication we embody. Our banner is more than just a symbol,

it's a testament to our hard work, passion, and the incredible community we've built together.

Keep an eye out for it and wear our colors with pride. Let's show everyone what PMABJJ is all about! See you on the mats! 💪🔥

#PMABJJ #TeamSpirit #NewBanner #BJJFamily #TournamentReady

Gil Sr


Welcome to the group! This group is meant to connect like mi...


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