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Master Erick Larson
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I know you have thought about taking your martial arts training to the next level, expanding your knowledge, getting even more Bada$$? Here's your chance! Join us at Pinnacle's Friday Night Fight Club starting May 19th for a 6-week training course with me and some of my MMA Champions and UFC Fighter friends.

During this exclusive training event, you'll learn advanced techniques from the pros and gain the confidence to apply them in a realistic self-defense or cagefight setting. In addition to the safe and technical MMA training from yours truly, custom gear, new training equipment, and even guest instructors.

We're only looking for 12 dedicated students who are truly committed to expanding their personal martial art experience. If that's you, then we'd love to have you join us for this exciting training adventure. (Its probably you!)

Registration opens May 6th

#FridayNightFightClub #MMAtraining #SelfDefense #PinnacleMartialArts

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