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Master Erick Larson
Official Instructor at Pinnacle Martial Arts🏔️ Instructor
🥋TKD White Belt

Info on 94th Black Belt Spectacular

Master Na’s Martial Arts


34012 9th Ave Building C-1

Federal Way WA 98003



Thursday 18th GM Jin Yong Kim, Master Lechtenberg, Master Nottingham arrival.


Daytime for Instructors

Friday 19th 9:00 am to 11:30 am GM Jin Yong Kim seminar. (Instructors)

12 to 1 Lunch 1 to 3 pm Grand Master Michael Choi seminar (Instructors)

5 to 6 Dinner (Instructors)


Friday Night for Candidates -

6 to 6:45 Master Larson Jujitsu Ground fighting

6:45 to 7:30 Master Lechtenberg Escrima techniques for self defense

7:30 to 8:15 Master Nottingham Winning Point Sparring


Saturday April 20 Test and Belt Ceremony for Candidates

10 am to 12 pm 94th Black Belt test

12 to 1 pm Belt Ceremony


Pinnacle Martial Arts Candidates

Brycen Gabbard | 3rd Dan Progress Check

David Tollefson - 9/19/1963 | 2nd Dan

Noah Anten – 2nd Dan Progress Check?


Camile Birk – 2/13/1985 | 1st Dan

Tessara Jackson – 11/12/2013 | 1st Dan

Kimora Earskine – 6/15/2014 | 1st Dan

William Birk – 11/9/2014 | 1st Dan

Caiden Gordon – 8/29/16 | 1st Dan


Fernando Medina | Dan Bo

Emmanuel Medina | Dan Bo

Raelyn Rhule | Dan Bo

Paige Pettit | Dan Bo

Stephen Pettit | Dan Bo

Jeremy Wallace
Kimora (K2)


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