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Jeremy Wallace
Official Instructor at Pinnacle Martial Arts🏔️ Instructor
🥋BJJ Black Belt

Awesome time at Grappling Industries yesterday.

-Congrats to Sonny on Double Gold!


Sonny had to go up a weight class to compete. He went undefeated for the whole day and didn’t lose one match.

He had 8 wins with 6 via submission🤩

-Congrats to Stevie on Gold in Gi🥇

Stevie pushed so hard and even surprised me. 👏

-Congrats to Dylan on Silver in Gi 🥈

Dylan showed a lot of toughness to keep going and it resulted in a 2nd place finish!

These guys all fought so hard and I’m so proud them. We only brought 3 competitors and took 5 home medals! Great job guys! Congratulations!!

David Tollefson
Brandon Peploe
Stephen Pettit
04 sept 2023

So much excellence! Great job by all!

Me gusta


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