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Erick Larson
Official Instructor at Pinnacle Martial Arts🏔️ Instructor
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🌟 Introducing the PMA Top Team! 🌟

I am thrilled to unveil the PMA Top Team at Pinnacle Martial Arts, a competitive taekwondo, Poomsae (Forms) team. I am looking for our finest taekwondo athletes to assemble this championship team that aims for 2025 Nationals.

I aim to raise the level for Taekwondo here at Pinnacle, reconnect with my roots, my master, and begin raising the bar for my students here at PMA. So I have created a new team and with Grandmaster Na, we will create a team to be a beacon of excellence, to set the bar, for TKD here at Pinnacle.

Who We Are Looking For:

Highly Motivated: Students with a strong desire to excel and a passion for Taekwondo, with a minimum of a Green belt, age 9 years and up.

Talented: Individuals who possess the necessary skills and potential to compete at high levels.

Committed: Those who are dedicated to continuous improvement and rigorous training.

Eligible: Students who are Green Belt and up, aged 9 and above.

Selection Process: Our selection process is by invitation only. Master Larson will personally invite students who demonstrate exceptional skills, dedication, and potential. If you receive an invitation, it means you have what it takes to be part of this exclusive team

Selection will happen in class over the next month during class, and we will always be looking for new members who qualify and are motivate in the future.

Invitations are for the Top Team Invitational Camp in August, from there you can decide to join the team or not.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train under the best, participate in exclusive program with Grandmaster Na, and compete on grand stages. So work hard and an invitation may be in your future.

Erick Larson
Jeremy Wallace
David Tollefson


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